Cisco executive, leadership expert, and New York Times featured author who looks for the lessons from the real world to make work a more human place for all of us.

The approaches Ashley has pioneered challenge much of the conventional wisdom of work today. His speeches encourage audiences to reject dogma and instead seek out evidence; to embrace a world in which the weird uniqueness of each individual is seen not as a flaw to be ground down but as a mess worth engaging with; to thrill to the power of teams; and to never lose sight of the raw material that makes the work happen: the humans.


“One of the best, if not the best, presentations I have attended in years. His speech, Leadership Is Not A Thing, captivated the audience.


The beauty of his keynote was the unexpected content and the flow of the information. At the conclusion, I could only say to him, ‘No words’ because there were no words I could use to adequately describe how wonderful it was and how inspired I felt.”

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Leadership Is Not A Thing

Discover through in-depth stories and research perhaps the most damaging lie that holds us back from performing our best at work—the idea that leadership is a thing. The audience will walk away with a view of leadership from the real world and essential questions to ask themselves about what it means to lead others.  

Blueprint for the Real World of Work

Understand the core principles and systems, and the research behind them, that together create a blueprint for a more human world of work. Focused on practical application and supportive examples, the audience will walk away with clear actions to implement in their organizations.  

Nine Lies About Work

Engage directly with the content from Nine Lies About Work in this interactive presentation. You will receive an overview of the nine lies that hold us back from performing at our best at work. Then, through polling technology, you will choose the lies you want to explore more deeply and discover the evidence and truths behind each one.

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