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At Cisco, we’re challenging the conventional wisdom of work today.

  • We eliminated performance ratings, nine-box grids, and competencies. And instead we invested in tools for teams and their leaders, including a new way of conducting performance reviews.

  • We amplify employees’ strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses.

  • We stopped trying to tidy up the messiness of life with one-size-fits-all learning models and only viewing teams through org. charts with names in boxes. Instead, we embrace a one-size-fits-one learning approach and network maps that reveal the dynamic connections between teams.

  • We seek reliable real-time data about our teams and leaders to build a blueprint for the real world of work. 

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In my upcoming video series, you will hear about these topics and more as I share an insider’s view into how we’re reimagining the world of work at Cisco.

If you seek to make work more human and are curious about what that looks like at Cisco, I would love to hear from you.


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