How Our Team Technology Increases Engagement

Human beings need attention. And at work, frequent attention is best. In fact, the more frequently and predictably you check in with your team, the more performance and engagement you will get. At Cisco, the weekly check-in between a team leader and team member is one of our most cherished rituals. In this week’s video, hear how we use a team technology to foster these interactions and discover the benefits this technology offers our teams and Cisco as a whole. Be sure to post your questions and comments below, and I will address them in an upcoming Q&A video.

Data Details:

From research, we know that employees who check in more frequently are more engaged:

  • Doesn’t check in: 39% fully engaged

  • Check in less than half the time: 45% fully engaged

  • Check in every other week: 49% fully engaged

  • Check in weekly: 54% fully engaged

Source: Best Teams Study, Team Analytics & Research, 2016

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