What Should We Do If Work Isn't Working?

In Nine Lies About Work, Marcus Buckingham and I explain what isn't working about work today. Over the next several weeks, we will build on the ideas in the book and answer the question, "So, what should we do?" In the last few years at Cisco, we've been trying to answer this question. And in this video series, I will take you through what we've done and how it connects to the ideas and evidence in Nine Lies About Work.

So far, over 130 questions and comments have come in about what you want to learn in the series. If you have questions, now is a great time to stick them in the comments below. Every other week, I will post a response video so we cover what's on your mind. I look forward to our conversations.

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Episode Two


Episode Four:


Episode Sixteen

Which Skills Matter Most

Episode Seventeen

Where We're Going Next